Saturday, December 12, 2009

The snowman

Beeing in the mood for creating new cards, I found through my crad stuff some paper with sonwmans and I thought why not?! So, with my brand new circle cutter I cutt the snowmans. I choose a simple layout, printed some sentiments and look what I got.
The snowmans are pretty abstract but I ind them very cute. My friends know I'm addicted to abstract stuff so they will understand and appreciate the cards when they will receive them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter season

So... it's december ... and Saint Nicholas is comming soon ... and after that it's Christmas... the time will pas so quickly that soon it will be New Years Eve. For me, this is how december will pass. Last year... by this time... I was making my first cards for saling. They were pretty simple but I enjoyed making them.
In the town were I live, it's very difficult to find supplies, so I had to improvize. In february this year I got a scholarship and I went to Holland. First thing I looked in that new town (Groningen) was the supply store. Imagine how wonderfull it was for me to find such a store. A good part of my scholarship was spent in that store. It was super fun to see all those wonderful things for creating cards.
Now I am working 8 hours per day and I find it difficult in the evening to find the necessary energy for creating cards. But... I have to try it harder because I have to send card for Christmas and they have to be made by myself.
So... this was my last year collection... maybe they can inspire you.

I wish you a wonderfull week-end... and see you at my next post.