Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays

Today I am not sharing any card. I just came by to wish you all Happy Holidays! 

May The Lord enter your homes and hearts and bring happiness and joy to your lifes. 
May Santa bring goodies and all your wishes may come true!

Happy Holidays! Be joy and happy in the wormth of your homes!

P.S.: The image with the angel is from here. You can find there many wonderful images!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter White challenge

I found today about this challenge on which I gladly wanna take part.
The challenge is about white cards. Well... my card is not exactly white and the light at the photoshoting didn't help me much so my picture is not so good and "white" but I hope you decide it can qualify. 

I belive that my card not only inspires white but also the peace and calm of the winter season.

Little Red Riding Hood

One day I was wandering around through the Graphics Fairy blog posts and found this seet image that I used for my card today.
Isn't this little red riding hood just lovely? And it is also prepared for Christmas! See how mandy gifts has in her hands? Maybe the wolf will get a present too!

Speaking about presents, have you write your letter to Santa already? If not, hurry up... the time flyes!

Sorry for the bad  pictures but with all the lamps in the house (just 2 lamps ) I didn't manage to create a light corner to photograph the card.

Have a wonderful week-end!

Monday, December 6, 2010

CASE Study Challenge #17

This weekend me and my boyfriend were visiting our special friends in Bucharest and I thought making a surprise card specially for them. The gorgeous inspiration card from  CASE Study Challenge, a creation of the talented Nina Brackett, inspired me to give life to the perfect card for our beloved friends. Here is my creation:

And here you can admire the inspiration card:

And here are more pictures with my creation. This time it was me who took the pictures so I tried different angles for the card. I will let you decide which one do you like most.

For the last photo I played with the photo editing tool and desaturated the colors a little bit. Also the angle was very difficult. It was a little bit hard to capture it.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prairie Fairy is back

I've heared that Praoroe Fairy is back on blogger again so I went to see for myself. And I found out that not only she is back, but she is back with candy. Her candy will be closing on 24th of December... so it seems that she want's to be Miss Santaclause :). Check here about this news!


Blogoversary RAK on Lynne's blog

I was wondering around the blogs today and I found about this cool Blogoversary RAK. Go and check out how you can win it! When you comment, don't forget to tell who sent you there ;)