Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This week I was in a mood for crafting so I "baked" some new cards! I will show you the cards one by one, so don't forget to visit me from time to time. 
For today I choose to show you this card: 
It has a gorgeous "Believe" tag. I think it's the most appropriate tag for encouragement: "Believe - that you can success", "Believe - in yourself", and so on. 
I mostly make simple cards, with not so many embelishments, because I am not sure yet how to combine them. But I promise you I will keep trying and learning to make more complex cards :). 
Next week I will be flying to Dortmund, Germany, for a business trip. Since I will be staying there for almost 3 weeks I am planning to take with me some basic stuff to make some cards. And hopefully I will find a great craft store from where to buy new stuff.
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Have a day full of inspiration!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

RCC7 "Music To My Ears"

Hello girls. Sorry for my absence but I was in vacation and now I am back in Dortmund for the following two weeks. In this time I will not be posting too much because I didn't brought with me any craft supplies. I have to take my drivers licence exam so I brought only the quiz book :).
But today I was checking the challenges and I saw the RCC7 theme and I thought: "great... I have a card with this which I didn't showed yet".
So here it is.
Here you have a close up: 

This card was made on the request of a friend for his girlfriend. 
The music notes and the butterfly are taken form somewhere in the internet but unfortunately I don't remember the link to them.

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