Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back to cards

I know, I know... long time no posting, but I didn't get the time to post. I had a busy life since September.
First it was a one month trip in Copenhagen, than it was vacation in France and now I am finally at home and I am trying to catch up with spending time with my family, cleaning, visiting friends.
First let me tell you about Copenhagen. It is a very beautiful city. You should visit it some day. 

The month spent in Copenhagen was very nice. The weather was amazing. It was sunny almost every day. In the week-ends was also a little bit warmer. The architecture around the city is pretty amazing. The new and the old are very nice combined. I stayed in a very beautiful 2 bed apartment with an amazing view: 

Each week-end I had the opportunity to visit something else and I had to choose between the various museums that are free on Sunday, the Rosenborg Palace which has an amazing garden where you can spend some quite time -  it's perfect for reading, various shopping centers, boat trips. I loved it. I also found the people there very friendly.

In vacation was also very nice and relaxing. We visited Cote d'Azur:  Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monte Carlo. These all are very nice cities, with old markets, narrow streets and little family restaurants. 

Now...I will share some cards:

Have a wonderful week!
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  1. WOW! You spent a month in Copenhagen---and France....WOW! So lucky! I wish I was living back in Germany--then I could visit all these wonderful places again! Your photos are beautiful!

    LOVE your cards too--wow! That first one is super beautiful with those distressed edges! LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with guitars and music--so your second card is a FAV:) Great job!

    ps....thanks for your sweet comments on my blog toady:) You made my day!!

  2. Alina your photos are awesome! The projects are so great! Love the arched pearl accent on the last one.

  3. Beautiful place to visit! And beautiful cards too!

    Thanks for joining us at the tea party today, Alina!


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