Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st of March

1st of March approaches quickly and I had a last minute request for a 1st of March card.
What's 1st of March? Well... in our part of the world we celebrate the spring beginning with this date. The tradition is to give "martisoare" as gifts with this occasion.
"Martisor" is a tiny little ornament bound with a red and white piece of twine, it is mostly like a broach but cutter ;) . Mostly the women and the kids wear it from 1st of March till 8 of March as a sing that the spring comes. I find it a lovely tradition. It is also usual to give bouquets of snowdrops.
Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of a "martisor" but I promise you I will get back to you on 1st of March with some pictures of the ones I will receive.
Now here is the card that I did on request. I got inspired by the lovely frame that is this week's inspiration over at CASE Study Challenge Blog.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flashback Friday 20.0

This week I found out about this new super cool challenge: Flashback Friday Challenge. I think it's fun because it requests you use past posted cards. My idea was that I have to begin making more and more diverse cards to have what to post for future challenges.
This week the challenge is about "First Back and White". And I was thinking.... do I have one of these? And the answer was yes... of course I do... is not completely black and white... it is actually more like a black and white with a little bit of red and neutral.
Ok.. ok...let me show you the card now:
And you can check out the original post here.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

For you

There has been a long time now since I am following CR84FN blog but I never found inspiration to play along. I usually not taking part at color challenges because I find them harder to play: you have to have the right cardboard color, right combination of color in the design paper and inspiration to make something with the choices you have in hand. 
But this week I got inspired by Mona Pendleton's Fashonista post. I love it. It even has a video tutorial on how to make a fashonista. I got to tell you...I didn't thought about the clever tips and trick's Mona is using to make them, but I will give it a try in one of these days. And let me tell you: I love Mona's work.It's very inspiring. 
Now let me continue with my card.
Having found the other week this wonderful dress printable I thought I could use it also in today's card. 
The dress with the music sheet printable is from the link mentioned above but then I got the idea that I could use it as a template and cut my own version of the dress from the same paper I did the background of the card. I used some leftovers to embellish it and made my own version of the flower. 
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma'

As I already told you yesterday, my weekend was very creative so I am back today to share with you another card.
Last week was my Grandmother's birthday. I didn't get to visit her on her birthday because she lives in another town and due to the snow around here the roads were not so good. But I prepared for her this greeting card to give her when we will meet. 
The note card is again from Tania's blog. The dress shape is a printable found here.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Because

On Saturday, after wondering through stores to find a nice sink for the bathroom and after lots of cleaning throughout the house I found myself at my crafting table with lots of energy to craft. It has been a week since I last made a card and I was glad I had the chance to make some. So stay tuned... there will be more cards to share this week.
The notebook cards used on this card are free printable templates from Tania's blog that you can find here. I found her blog through Pinterest and I find it very nice! Thanks Tania for sharing this wonderful printable!

The weather is awful around here. It snows since Saturday! The streets are full of snow and it is also colder than usual. We did not had such an amount of snow since years. Hope by you the weather is nicer, but if I think better I kind of like this weather. It's a very nice feeling when you enter the warm home and you cuddle under the pillow in front of the TV or even better, the fireplace.

Hope you have a nice day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Valentine's Day is just around the corner and everybody is thinking about it.
But let me tell you something that most of you probably don't know. In our culture Valentine's Day is a pretty new celebration. It entered our culture in 1990 or so and since then there are many people who celebrate it.  In our culture there is another celebration that is similar with Valentine's Day and it's called Dragobete. The Dragobete is celebrated in 24 February. So basically we have two celebrations with the same significance: LOVE.
I actually don't celebrate neither of them. I like to share my love every day and from time to time I prepare little surprises for my boyfriend.
This week I had a special request from a friend. To make for his girlfriend a Valentine's Day card. I was happy about his request and I got started. Two days later I finished the card and I loved how it turned out:

Today the new CASE Study Challenge was posted. The inspiration card is gorgeous and I think my card fits perfect in that competition. 
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