Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Because

On Saturday, after wondering through stores to find a nice sink for the bathroom and after lots of cleaning throughout the house I found myself at my crafting table with lots of energy to craft. It has been a week since I last made a card and I was glad I had the chance to make some. So stay tuned... there will be more cards to share this week.
The notebook cards used on this card are free printable templates from Tania's blog that you can find here. I found her blog through Pinterest and I find it very nice! Thanks Tania for sharing this wonderful printable!

The weather is awful around here. It snows since Saturday! The streets are full of snow and it is also colder than usual. We did not had such an amount of snow since years. Hope by you the weather is nicer, but if I think better I kind of like this weather. It's a very nice feeling when you enter the warm home and you cuddle under the pillow in front of the TV or even better, the fireplace.

Hope you have a nice day!

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