Sunday, April 29, 2012

Miss you

As I promised you yesterday, I am back with some impressions to share from the lovely Copenhagen. Today was a somehow sunny day. It was sunny when we left the apartment, but somewhere on the way from the apartment to the Amalienborg Palace the sun just vanished. By the time we arrived at the Rosenborg Castle, which was the second thing to visit on the list for today, the sky was cloudy and the sun was not to seen till the evening. The good thing though was that we decided to start our day with a coffee. The weather was lovely during that time. After the coffee we went to the Amalienborg Palace to see the changing of the guards. I have seen the changing of the guards in Stockholm two years ago and I was fascinated by that because they had a fanfare, guards on horses and a very beautiful choreography. If you ever go to Stockholm from April to October, this is a must see, you will love it. as I was telling you, I loved the changing of guards in Stockholm, so imagine my disappointment when I saw the changing of guards here, in Copenhagen: no fanfare, no nothing... just some guards dressed up and staring at each other...

After my big disappointment we head to Reosenborg Castle. I like the castle's garden. It is very beautiful when it is it was not sunny...but still lovely to visit. And while we were sitting on a  bench resting our feet somebody known approached us. We meet with an old friend of mine here in Copenhagen, which are the odds? I haven't seen him since summer of 2007 and haven't spoken to him since September... and there he was... in the Rosenborg garden. It is lovely to meet known people in totally strange cities. We spent the rest of the day with him... wandering through the streets of this capital city. 

 After watching this photos I bet you would expect to see some card sharing too. Well...I have prepared a card for you using this week's deconstructed sketch. Hope you like it.

Have a lovely week!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flashback Friday 23.0

Currently at Flashback Friday, the challenge is about first card with a butterfly. Searching through my older posts I found this card that I am about to show you. It was done last year for a friend. It was a special request from his side. Hope you like it.

I am still in Copenhagen and I plan some shopping for today and maybe some cards too. I will be back with some impression later this evening or in the morning, depends on how much light will I have to take photos of the cards I will "bake".
Till than... have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paris, mon amour

Did you ever been to Paris? No? Me neither! But I wish to go some day... maybe this year...maybe next year... we will see. Depends very much on time and weather :). But I must confess I love the idea of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the croissants, the coffee, Champs Elysees, Montmartre, Versailles ... and many more. I imagine myself walking on Paris Boulevards and drinking coffee in the chic coffee shops and eating croissants...I think I feel the smell of bread... Oh...but for now is just a dream which I have to make happen in the near future.

But till then I will have to be content with the new stamp that I bought in the weekend ... the only Paris stamp that the Panduro store in Copenhagen had on stock. And as soon as I got home on Saturday I had to create something with that stamp. And here it is my creation:
The "Beloved" sentiment is from Nina B's Love set from Layers Of Color. I thought it matches perfectly the Paris stamp that I purchased and the Spellbinder label die. Oh...and I added some black card stock to make it perfect for the Crazy4Challenges C4C133 challenge.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday at Hamlet's Castle

Do you like  Shakespeare? I must confess I don't... but for sure I like castles. I love them. The history around them is magnificent, the ballrooms, the courtyards, the garden, the art, the history, the royal family... everything fascinates me. I often think I was born in the wrong century. 
Anyhow, yesterday was not such a nice weather here in Denmark, but we still got to go to Kronborg in the town of Helsingør.
Kronborg is the name of Hamlet's Castle. It has a very nice history and a nice view of Sweden (which we did not see because of the fog). We visited the Royal Apartments of the castle and I loved the technology elements that were added to the museum. The history was very nice explained. Did you know that Denmark was reach because of the taxes on sea transport? Or did you know that the Hamlet history comes from a Danish legend? Well... I must confess I did not known that...but...after visiting the famous castle I found out many interesting things.
Let me share some pictures from the visit:
 ...the entence... the courtyard...
 ...the ballroom...
 ...behind the circular stairs...
 ...view of the castle... the town of  Helsingør...

Now I would like to change the subject and share with you a card that I had made for Case Study Challenge. I loved this week's inspiration card so I made another card for this challenge:
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magnificent night

Yes... tonight was a magnificent night! I went with my dear boyfriend to the amazing concert of Andre Rieu and we enjoyed it very much! I found out about Andre Rieu and his orchestra about 4 years ago. I was amazed by his violin and I told to myself I have to go to a concert of his. I don't know if you remember, but 3 years ago I was in Holland for 5 months. During this time I visited Maastricht, Andre Rieu's home town. But it was unfortunate that even if the same day I was in Maastricht there was an Andre Rieu concert I could not take part at it because I didn't had enough money to buy a ticket. But now, I was very very lucky because I found myself (and my boyfriend) in the same the same time in Copenhagen as Andre Rieu's orchestra. And we  bought the tickets and we went to the concert and it was as expected: MAGNIFICENT!  So I would like to advise you to go to one of his concerts if you have time and you enjoy the great classics. His orchestra is awesome! 
Now on to the crafting stuff. I made the following card for this week's CASE Study Challenge.I love the inspiration card! 
Now let me present you my try:
I used some new paper that I bought last week. The paper pad is called "miss caroline" by jen allyson. I was very happy to find in it this patterned paper. I find it very beautiful. The stamp is from Layers of Color Art Stamp.Unfortunately I can't find a link for the stamp.
Hope you enjoyed my card!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crafty Friends Challenge

I told you in my previous post that last night I found some time for card making. The card that I am about to show you was also done last night. I've done it specially for the second challenge over at the Crafty Friends Challenge blog. The challenge is about making a card using 2 die cuts.
I am finally able to take part at the challenges using die cuts since I received  a Big Shot from "Santa Clause". I am a very proud owner of it and I have to start using it more often. Before I came to Denmark I cut some labels and flourishes to have with me, so I used some for this card.
The patterned paper is recently bought from a craft store in Denmark and I am very happy about my current purchases. Soon I will show you more. Hope I have time and inspiration for new cards to make.

Hope you have a nice day! 

Birdie wishes

Sorry for my looong absence, but I have good excuses: I moved in a new home and I was very very busy with that part. And than I had to go in a business trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm still in the business trip but with crazy working hours I don't have much time for stamping or so. But tonight I found some spare time to make a card and what is most important to take photos of it.
My card is inspired by the fabulous Laurie Schmidlin, the muse of April over at the CASE Study Challenge blog

In a future post I will show you also some pictures from Copenhagen and the surroundings, and I will tell you more about me moving in a new home.

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Hugs and a wonderful week!