Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday at Hamlet's Castle

Do you like  Shakespeare? I must confess I don't... but for sure I like castles. I love them. The history around them is magnificent, the ballrooms, the courtyards, the garden, the art, the history, the royal family... everything fascinates me. I often think I was born in the wrong century. 
Anyhow, yesterday was not such a nice weather here in Denmark, but we still got to go to Kronborg in the town of Helsingør.
Kronborg is the name of Hamlet's Castle. It has a very nice history and a nice view of Sweden (which we did not see because of the fog). We visited the Royal Apartments of the castle and I loved the technology elements that were added to the museum. The history was very nice explained. Did you know that Denmark was reach because of the taxes on sea transport? Or did you know that the Hamlet history comes from a Danish legend? Well... I must confess I did not known that...but...after visiting the famous castle I found out many interesting things.
Let me share some pictures from the visit:
 ...the entence... the courtyard...
 ...the ballroom...
 ...behind the circular stairs...
 ...view of the castle... the town of  Helsingør...

Now I would like to change the subject and share with you a card that I had made for Case Study Challenge. I loved this week's inspiration card so I made another card for this challenge:
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  1. What a sweet card and what a fun trip you've had!
    Thanks for joining us on CASE Study this week!

  2. What a great card, and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing and for joining us at CASE Study this week!

  3. Another darling card for this challenge, Alina! Your photos are beautiful, too--so glad you shared! Thanks for joining us again at CASE Study!


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