Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Any occasion

Do you need a special occasion to make a card? Of course you don't ... me neither ;)
The card that I will share with you today is a card that I made several weeks ago just for fun. I had just bought the paper that I used in it, and the stamp and I just wanted to make something with it. I love the colorful background paper and the buttons. Sorry for the bad image but I had to light it up a little bit because it was more darker than I wanted. 
I like making cards just for fun and not only for a challenge or using a sketch or so. For this card I started with cutting out the first layer of paper. The stamp was already stamped on a piece of white carton and I had also some leftover paper in hand. I just put them together in various positions and this one I loved it better... 
And so I created a card that I can use for any occasion!
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