Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mother's day approaches

In Romania we celebrate Mother's day on 8th of March. On behalf of this great celebration I made 2 cards using Torico's wonderful digi stamps that can be found here.
For the first card I used the little girl with the rose. This was made as a special request from a friend who is a red hair.
For the second one I used the boy image. This card will be given to my future mother in law by my sweet boyfriend.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Best Friends

Today's post is short. I am very enthusiastic about the card I will show you today. I used Tiddly Inks Best Friends stamp. I love this happy stamp. I associated it with the sentiment from There She Goes Clear Stamps.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coloring with Promarkers

*pay attention that this post has many high quality images and may be harder to load*
I recently found that I enjoy coloring, especially with Promarkers. I don't wanna imply that other marker brands are not good. I only like these ones because they can be easily purchased in my hometown. When I bought my first markers I decided to go for the colors that can be used for skin coloring. For me it was very difficult to color the skin with pencils so I thought I should try markers since they are so popular in the crafting world. In the end I was very pleased about this purchase so I bought more and more colors.
I decided to do this post because for me it was very hard to find a tutorial about how to color skin with promarkers. I think there are very few tutorials of this kind. In this tutorial I will color from the beginning to the end a digi stamp from Tiddly Inks. I chose Will You? - Victorian Couple that can be found here.
I begun with coloring the hair and the boy's clothes. When coloring, first you have to choose the side from where the light comes. In my case, the light will come from the front.
Step 1. Coloring the hair: For this I used Black, Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 3 and Cool Grey 4. When coloring the hair I like to begin first with the lighter color and define the parts that are shinier. After that I go around the lighter parts with the darker ones till I finish coloring. In this manner you will not end up with black all over the image and with no shades.
Here is a close up of the hair. You can see that the lighter parts are smaller than the darker ones. This is because we have to leave the impression that the hair is black, not grey.
Step 2. Coloring the boy's cloths: For this I used only the grey shades because I wanted to obtain a grey suit. For the clothes in general I like to begin with coloring the darker parts (where it is most probably to be a shade). In this case I begun with Cool Grey 4 and I colored around the edges of the stamp. Then gradually I go to the lighter shades: Cool Grey 3 and at the end Cool Grey 1.

Step 3. The skin: This is the harder part for me or at least it was till now. For the skin I chose to use just 3 marker colors: Blush, Coral and Sunkissed Pink. I use the Coral for the edges of the skin, where the skin is darker due to hair shades or the position against the light. With Blush color I go over the Coral and continue to color till I reach the center of the face where the skin should be lighter (remember that the light comes from the front *wink*). 
In the end, I used the Sunkissed Pink color for the cheekbones. In that part the skin is usually pinker than on the forehead.
Don't forget about the hands, neck, feet or other parts of the body that should be colored like skin.
Step 4. The girl's dress: For the girl's dress I used Red and Ruby. Ruby is darker than Red so I began coloring the shady parts with it. Then I colored with Red the rest of the image

Step 5. Use the image in a card: The image is ready to be used on a card or any other thing you would like. I cut my image very close to the edges and now waits to be used on a card... but that's another post...
Some tips & tricks:
1. you can obtain darker shades if you go twice with the same color in the same parts.
2. pay attention to the paper on which you decide to color. It might blend the colors when you least expect. 
3. Have fun coloring and experiment with different shades or colors.

Thanks for bearing with me during this long post. Class dismissed! 

P.S.: if you have advises for me, if you think you would do something differently don't hesitate to let me know. We are here to learn and exchange ideas.

Disclaimer: This post was not payed nor asked to be written by any of the companies specified in it. It was my idea to write it

UPDATE: here it is the tutrial in romanian/ aici aveti tutorialul in limba romana

Monday, February 4, 2013

You and Me

I am in the middle of my wedding organization. I have finished some samples for my wedding invitations and I decided for one model. In a future post I will show you the other samples and the real one only after they are delivered to the guests. 
Till than I will show you a card that I made with a digi stamp from Tiddly Inks. These stamp features a happy couple.
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