Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today I will show you some tags I made to embellish the gifts that my mother, my grandma and my future mother in law received for Mother's Day.
Astazi va voi prezenta etichetele pe care le-am realizat pentru a accesoriza cadourile pe care mama, bunica si soacra le-au primit de Ziua Mamei.

The first tag was for my mother.
Prima eticheta a fost pentru mama.

This second tag was for my grandma.
Aceasta a doua eticheta a fost pentru bunica.

And last but not least, this second tag was for my future mother in law.
Si nu in ultimul rand, aceasta a treia eticheta a fost pentru viitoarea mea soacra.

Have a great week-end! I'm off finding the perfect wedding dress!
Sa aveti un weekend minunat! Eu am plecat sa-mi gasesc rochia perfecta!

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