Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stamp'n'Doodle Challenge

Wedding day approaches quickly and there are still some things to be done, but I managed to squeeze in some crafting time.
Ziua cea mare se apropie repede si mai sunt lucruri de facut si de stabilit dar cu toate aceste am reusit sa inghesui si ceva timp pentru crafting.
This is the card for current Stamp'n'Doodle challenge. Check out what my team mates have done also and hope to see you among the participants.
Aceasta este felicitarea pe care am facut-o pentru provocarea Stamp'n'Doodle. Va invit sa vedeti ce au lucrat si colegele mele de echipa. Sper sa va regasesc printre participanti

Have a great week!
Sa aveti o saptamana minunata!

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  1. Hello Alina,

    You have a lovely blog!!
    Thanks for your sweet commend on my clock :)(unity blog) Sorry but no tutorial because its going to be a workshop in the Nederlands. But wen you look to the photo's you can see how I done it. Suc6 Jolande


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